Filtering out the noise 

How IEC 61800-3 applies to NZ EMC regulations



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Navigating EMC requirements for RFI and variable

speed drives



Getting clarity on what is required when it comes to RFI in variable speed drives to meet EMC requirements as the specifier, installer or end user can get a bit confusing as there is a lot of noise on the subject with very few clear answers.

In this whitepaper, we attempt to discuss the intricacies of the international standard responsible for stipulating EMC compliance for variable speed drives – IEC 61800-3: 2022.

We provide guidance for identifying compliant VSD importers/suppliers, specifying and installing VSDs, and understanding how manufacturers rate their levels of EMC compliance.

We also offer insights into the importance of selecting VSDs with appropriate compliance markings and taking into account the environment and category when selecting a VSD.

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • How IEC 61800-3 applies to New Zealand EMC regulations
  • How to select and install your VSD correctly to meet IEC requirements
  • How VSD manufacturers rate their levels of EMC compliance

We also include plenty of visuals to help illustrate each topic.

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Disclaimer: This whitepaper has been prepared for information purposes only and is not intended to be an EMC compliance guide. Refer to Radio Spectrum Management requirements at rsm.govt.nz and IEC 61800-3 for detailed information.