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Hear first-hand experiences and insights from the Managing Director of Kea Energy, the largest New Zealand grid-connected, ground-mounted solar farm. 

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Make energy while the sun shines

Funding, designing, planning, consents, technology....there are so many considerations to setting up a utility-scale solar system (sometimes known as solar farms or utility-scale photovoltaic power station).  

Watch our recording featuring Brent Sheridan, Power Electronic's Operations Director and Campbell McMath, Kea Energy's Managing Director for a 30-minute presentation on the key things to consider when setting up a solar farm in New Zealand.

Hear from Campbell and Brent on the following: 

  • Kea Energy, an ambitious project - starting out on the solar farm journey
  • Project challenges and what to look out for when considering a solar energy project
  • The search for the right inverters - what boxes to tick and what to think of
  • Power Electronics' solar inverters and why they were chosen for the project
  • How to optimise your solar farm
  • Advice on how to get started for those considering embarking on a renewable energy journey

More About the Speakers:

Campbell Headshot

Campbell McMath

Managing Director at Kea Energy

As an experienced Managing Director with a background in the utilities industry and skills particularly in Energy Retailing, Electrical Engineering, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, and NMS (Network Management Systems), it made sense for Campbell to kickstart his own solar farm - Kea Energy. 

Brent Headshot

Brent Sheridan

Operations Director at Power Electronics

Brent has a diverse background in the sales and application of high-power inverter technology spanning more than 25 years. He has sold AC motor control equipment both in NZ and internationally. He has also sold static var generators, statcom and PQ products to the NZ electricity distribution business sector, and has market-leading knowledge on utility-scale solar inverters. Brent also has vast experience in applications and servicing of what he sells.