International battery energy storage (BES) trends

A guide to how they apply in New Zealand


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Read why BES systems are so popular in
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BES is new technology that enables power system operators and utilities to store sustainably
generated energy for later use and grid support functions. It's a renewable energy source that is becoming more
cost-effectiveand easier to integrate on a distributed basis. Adoption of micro grid systems with
BES can meet this increasing demand.

If global trends are anything to go by, BES technology is likely to become the #1 energy storage solution on a global scale. In this white paper, we'll take a closer look atInternational BES white paper mockup those trends.

We'll cover:

  • New technology for a low carbon economy - BES systems are becoming more cost-effective and easier to integrate on a distributed basis
  • International trends driving the uptake of renewable energy battery storage - why developed countries are increasingly looking towards utility-scale battery storage solutions
  • Key benefits that are shaping trends - the key outcomes, including shift demand, reduced costs and increased profit, peak power shaving, and clipping recovery.
  • Power Electronics’ battery energy storage solutions - a look at our Freemaq range, the most innovative inverters for battery energy storage systems

The white paper is aimed at helping you understand why BES systems are set to be a key strategy to lead the decarbonisation of New Zealand’s energy sector.